5 Nov 48

Operation "PLUNDER": The Canadian Participation
in the Assault Across the Rhine and the Expansion
of the Bridgehead by 2 Cdn Corps 23/24 Mar - 1 Apr 45


In keeping with these intentions, Camerons of C. sent out patrols towardsNetterden.
Seventy-two prisoners were brought back. This success encouraged
further probing of the village itself, and "D" Coy was assigned to the task of capturing it.
(W.D., Camerons of C., 29 Mar 45)

101. With the enemy reported holding the perimeter of the village, "D" Coy attacked at first light.
Another company was sent to the north-east to help in the attack.
"Bitter fighting ensued". Then a local truce was arranged to permit recovery of casualties.
At the end of this respite a stern ultimatum persuaded the twenty-two surviving Germans to surrender.
This fierce little local battle produced 13O prisoners, including two officers, but cost the Camerons four killed (including the adjutant) and ten wounded. (Ibid,30 Mar 45). At 0800 hours the battalion reported Netterden clear.
Within half an hour the two battalions were ordered north again, the Camerons on being relieved in Netterden by a squadron of 8 Cdn Reeve Regt, to go to Veldhunten, and Fus M.R. to head for Gendringen.